The Best Marcelo Bielsa Gifts and Merchandise

The Best Marcelo Bielsa Gifts and Merchandise

The man, the myth, the icon.

Marcelo Bielsa has always been a popular figure in Argentina, especially here at Newell’s Old Boys. He has inspired books, toys, magazines, flags, stickers…. and even a stadium.

Yes, you probably know by now that the home of Newell’s Old Boys is called Estadio Marcelo Bielsa. There’s surely no greater honour than to have a 40,000 seater temple of football named in your honour.

Since trailblazing his way through Europe, as manager of Athletic and then with Marseille in France, more fans have signed up to the church of Bielsa and that has resulted in more merchandise and gifts entering the market that celebrate the great El Loco.

The creation of Bielsa relics has been amplified to the max since he became Leeds United manager, taking them to The Championship title in 2020 and back to the Premier League for the first time in 16 years.

We have seen so many brilliant Marcelo Bielsa-themed gifts over the past few years so we wanted to lend a helping hand this year to anyone who is looking for a gift or relic that pays tribute to El Loco Bielsa.

If one of your loved ones worships the ground that Marcelo walks on, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are our favourite gifts and merchandise featuring Marcelo Bielsa….

Marcelo Bielsa Gifts & T Shirts

‘LOCO’ Marcelo Bielsa T-Shirt by Football Stadium Prints

This iconic t-shirt has been designed by graphic designer Julián Amaya, who hails from Bielsa’s hometown of Rosario, and is sold exclusively by UK store Football Stadium Prints.

It’s available in neutral colours, Newell’s Old Boys colours, or the colours of Bielsa’s current team, Leeds United.

From £19.99

Bielsa T-Shirts, Mugs, Number Plates & More at

If you’re looking for a mug with Bielsa’s mug on it, a coaster with Bielsa depicted as his fellow Rosarino Che Guevara, or a personalised number plate that spells out Bielsa, head on over to

They also feature artwork from the likes of Gabrielle Wood so it’s well worth a visit.

From £3.99

The El Loco Gnome

Have you the lawn in your garden trimmed to perfection like the hollowed turf at the Estadio Marcelo Bielsa or Elland Road?

Then you need to put the cherry on top with this authentic Marcelo Bielsa garden gnome, complete with blue bucket.

Surely the best Christmas present ever for green-fingered fans of El Loco!

From £22.99

¡Leeds Carajo! and Bielsa Merchandise from The Square Ball

If Marcelo Bielsa had never won a title with Newell’s Old Boys, the phrase “Newell’s Carajo!” wouldn’t have become so iconic. And 30 years later, if Bielsa hadn’t joined Leeds, it would not have been adopted and adapted by fans of the Yorkshire club to become ‘Leeds Carajo!’.

But thankfully, Bielsa gave us everything and the historic war-cry that is now popular with all of Bielsa’s former clubs has made it on to mugs, hats and sweatshirts offered by the number one Leeds United fanzine, The Square Ball.

There’s even a Christmas edition that says Leeds Carajo-ho-ho-ho! As festive as you can get.

From £22.99

¡Newell’s Carajo! T-Shirt by Football Stadium Prints

Staying on the Carajo theme, this t-shirt from Football Stadium Prints remembers the moment Marcelo Bielsa raised a Newell’s Old Boys shirt in the air after winning the title and shouted – “¡Newell’s Carajo!” to the fans.

From £19.99

Still don’t know what Newell’s Carajo means? Check this out: What does Newell’s Carajo mean?

Madman T-Shirt by Football Stadium Prints

One of Marcelo Bielsa’s most remembered quotes is: “Un hombre con ideas nuevas es un loco hasta que sus ideas triunfan“.

It translates in English to: “A man with new ideas is a madman, until his ideas triumph”.

This is the story of Bielsa’s career. The innovative theories on football that once seemed insane were then proved revolutionary.

This t-shirt was designed by the Rosario-based graphic design agency ‘Soy Leproso’ (I am a Leper) and is offered exclusively in the UK by Football Stadium Prints.

From £19.99

In Bielsa We Trust Print by The Burley Banksy

If you haven’t heard of the Burley Banksy yet, where have you been?

Andy McVeigh’s Leeds United street art has been lighting up the city of Leeds for a few years now. His tributes to Bielsa on phone boxes and walls have received global attention.

One of his most popular creations is available as a print which can be framed for your wall. It features Marcelo on his famous blue bucket and the phrase: “In Bielsa We Trust”.

From £19.99

Bielsa The Redeemer T-Shirt by Nicholas Dixon

When Marcelo Bielsa led Leeds back to the Premier League in 2020, Nicolas Dixon and The Burley Banksy created an astonishing mural in the city with the club’s phrase ‘Marching On Together’ written in Spanish – ‘Marchando Juntos’.

Bielsa is depicted as Christ the Redeemer and the year 2020 is also translated into Marcelo’s native language – “Dos Mil Viente”.

The mural is now offered as a signed t-shirt by the artist Nicolas Dixon.

From £25.00

Marcelo Bielsa Art Print by Tom Woodhead

For something a little bit different, Tom Woodhead’s digital painting of Marcelo Bielsa will add a touch of artistic excellence to your home.

Relish in the moment your art-loving hipster mate comes over and asks “Who’s that?” and you get to reply:

“That’s God, do you not recognise him?”.

From 15.55

Marcelo Bielsa Lego by Byron Bricks

Have you got a kid that is loco for Lego? Or perhaps a friend has been keeping their collection going into adulthood?

Well, you can now add Marcelo Bielsa to their bricks. Yes, the Bielsa LEGO man even comes with the iconic blue bucket. Incredible.

From £9.95

Bielsa Changing Face Mug and Pencil Print by Charlotte Brooke

It just looks like a regular mug, right? Wrong!

Bielsa’s face doesn’t appear on the mug until you put your morning brew in it!

The mug literally gives Bielsa’s mark of approval when you fill it with hot liquid.

Even though El Loco’s drink of choice is yerba mate, he still appreciates that Yorkshire Tea rules the world he currently resides in.

AND….there’s also a pencil portrait if you fancy it.

And that’s it! We hope there’s more than enough Bielsa-inspired gifts there to help you buy something special for your Bielsa mad family member or friend.

Thanks to everyone who responded to our tweet on Twitter and thanks for stopping by.

PS: Looking for something super rare for a Bielsa fan? Check out our Official Newell’s Old Boys shirts at the Shop.

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