Exclusive ‘Newell’s Carajo’ Bielsa T-shirt now available at

Newell’s Old Boys Shirts

Newell’s Old Boys shirts are sold by the club on the official Newell’s Store. Unfortunately, this store does not ship outside of Argentina.

Currently, there are no vendors in Europe (including the manufacturer Umbro) who sell the official shirt.

For fans in Europe and the US, we are constantly trying to source a range of different Newell’s Old Boys shirts that we can offer for sale in territories outside Argentina. Check out our Depop account below to see what’s currently available.

Marcelo Bielsa T-Shirt and Football Stadium Prints are proud to offer this exclusive ‘LOCO’ t-shirt featuring a portrait of Marcelo Bielsa by the Rosario-based designer Julián Amaya. The Marcelo Bielsa T-Shirt features three distinct designs; a generic non-team design, a t-shirt in the colours of Bielsa’s first club Newell’s Old Boys and a t-shirt in the colours of Bielsa’s current team Leeds United. Worldwide shipping is available along with a choice of different t-shirt colours and sizes.

Football Stadium Prints

We have partnered with Football Stadium Prints to produce a stylish print of the home ground of Newell’s Old Boys, the Estadio Marcelo Bielsa.

The print is available in three forms: a t-shirt, a mug and as a wall print.

Visit the Football Stadium Prints website to purchase one of these unique prints. Shipping is worldwide.

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