Highlights: Unión 0-1 Newell’s

Highlights: Unión 0-1 Newell’s

Newell’s Old Boys won away at Unión for the first time in 19 years on Friday night in Santa Fe. “La ley del ex” (the law of the ex), the popular Argentine concept that says an ex-player will always come back to haunt his former club, was on show for all to see with the winning goal being scored by former Unión man Juan Manuel Garcia.

The Unión win confirmed Newell’s as the team with the best away record in this season’s Liga AFA and also maintained their Copa Sudamericana qualifying spot on the Annual Table with 6 games to go this season.

Watch the highlights of the match below.

Unión v Newell’s Match Goals & Highlights

Unión v Newell’s Player Ratings

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