“There is a sense of belonging here that I haven’t felt at other clubs” – Pérez

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Pablo Pérez spoke to the media on Thursday (13th February) for the first time since returning to Newell’s Old Boys from Independiente.

The veteran, who will wear the number 26 shirt at La Lepra, spoke of his love for the club where it all started for him, describing Newell’s as a club that instills a “love and affection” in every player from the youth team to the senior team.

“There’s a sense of belonging here that I haven’t felt at other clubs. I am grateful to the club, to the people of Rosario and to all the Newell’s fans. It is a love that I cannot explain, and there is a reason why we always want to return to our home. A player who starts at Newell’s has to come back. “

Pablo Pérez

Pérez, who played under Newell’s manager Frank Kudelka at Unión in 2010, mentioned that the coach had a good influence on his early career. He then went on to praise the team’s current form.

“I always followed Newell’s, since the day I left. This season, the team has gone from strength to strength, it looks firm and increasingly safe on the pitch, with a lot of ball possession. As for the results, they are very good.”

Pablo Pérez

Finally, Pérez commented on his time at Independiente, revealing that he did not like the ‘lies’ that came from the club regarding his departure, admitting that the negotiations that allowed him to leave the club and join Newell’s were difficult. When asked about his tendency to pick up a high number of red cards, one of the reasons that apparently influenced Independiente’s decision to let him go, he hit back at those who have criticised his disciplinary record.

“They are obsessed with my red cards. That is what I meant by lies. I think it’s nonsense and exaggerated. I do not have many red cards but to say I do sells newspapers.”

Pablo Pérez

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